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    Let the celebration begin!

    We’re so honoured to be able to share these versions done by amazing friends. Scott’s songs have connected with so many over the years and he was fundamental in the process of creating this, it’s a…

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    Our beloved brother and son Scott Hutchison was born in Edinburgh in 1981. He took his own life in Queensferry in 2018. In those 36 and a half years, Scott’s impact was far reaching and felt by many people. Through his music and art he made many thousands of tiny changes and encouraged other people…

  • For those unable to make it to Rough Trade NYC back in December we wanted to make this rough recording of the show available for all to hear. Feel free to listen here or download for free here.

    If you wish to make a donation to The Scott Hutchison Fund you can do
    so here.

    This night was not a night of mourning or a night of…

  • As most of you will now be aware we have made the decision to cancel The First Incident on June 1st. Some people have expressed that they would like to donate their refunded ticket cost to a charity. If this is something you would like to do we would ask that you donate to SAMH in Scott’s memory. You can visit their website HERE for details.

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  • We’ve left a wee book in @kingtutsofficial for people to share stories, pictures, whatever you like about Scott. Sharpies provided… FR x