Hello hello, and hello.

Now that we have cleaned the mud from our toes, dried our hair and put our jeans on a ‘heavy soil’ cycle, we just wanted to say what a bloody cracking time we had at T in the Park and Oxegen this past weekend. To everyone who made it along to the show in Ireland, you were on excellent vocal form, and you all looked very neat and tidy – someone’s been flosssiiiing!  To everyone who came to the Tuts tent on Saturday – thank you for the tingles up our spines.  We hope you had as much fun as we did.  A weekend that we will never forget.
You can see an interview with myself and the wee man at Oxegen here:-
And you can relive, or simply ‘live’ the wonder and flashing lights of T in the Park tomorrow night on BBC2 at 11.05pm.  I think there is a wee tune of ours in there at some point!
See you soon!
Love from Scott