Hello once again.
It’s your old friend the FR HQ computer, pretending to be Scott in order to impel you to read on. The good people in the label’s IT department have created an algorithm to create emails that appear jovial and human, I think the formula is something like this:- bullshit + dick jokes x information = excellent mail out material. So that’s the bullshit over with. Dick joke on the way, sit tight…
But before that, here’s the information. We have another single being released from Pedestrian Verse, which is probably a rather boring prospect for you, given that you most likely own the album. BUT THERE’S MORE! We have new songs and other goodies in the bundle so perhaps it’s worth investing. When you pre-order, you’ll get your grubby digital hands on new song ‘Radio Silence’ IMMEDIATELY. The song was written earlier this summer. Basically it’s about that torturous time when you wish someone would phone you, but they never do. Pity me not, it was for the best.. Have a listen to the song on Soundcloud if you fancy. 

All this is beautifully timed to coincide with our North American tour with the incredible Augustines, check out the dates here. We’re also pleased to have added a date in Pittsburgh at the beginning of the run, at Thrival Festival. Get yer tickets here
So, about that dick joke………………..