We’re very happy to announce that Painting Of A Panic Attack is out TODAY! Getting here wasn’t an easy journey by any means but I always consoled myself with the thought that ALL my favourite music documentaries portray the making of great albums as an absolute fucking nightmare. This wasn’t a nightmare, just a challenge. In the end, challenges make you better. There are other people who made us better during this process and since we didn’t put any “thank yous” on the album sleeve we’d like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to a few people for helping us get us to this hallelujah day.

Firstly, Aaron Dessner and Jon Low. Dream team. Those guys worked as hard on this album as we did. Thanks to all our lovely label folks, not least of all Chris McCourt and Steve Ralbovsky for pushing us forward from each side of the Atlantic. Our brilliant management team Kate and Peter for doing all the dirty work. And thanks finally to our wonderful families, partners and closest friends – there’s no way we’d be doing any of this without you and we will repay you in free tickets to festivals and stuff. Is that cool?

Alright, speech almost over. The last person to thank is you. Yep, I’m looking at you through the camera on you laptop/phone. Hello. You’re brilliant. Thank you for supporting Frightened Rabbit, however you do that. Maybe you come to our shows, maybe you buy actual products from us (gasp!) or maybe you just tell everyone you know that they should listen to our band (give up, you know Mark is a massive Avicii fan, not gonna happen). We DEFINITELY wouldn’t be doing any of this without people like you. It’s a pretty great job and you gave it to us. So… thanks boss.

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