Hello hi! Yes! 

It’s another Owl John email with a few date updates and a bit of a backstory regarding the album, which is now finished and ready for the devouring. It has been a slightly longer journey than we expected, but everything takes as long as it takes I suppose. Initially, we wrote and recorded one piece of music per day at An Tobar on the Isle of Mull. Even though we essentially had an instrumental album at the end of the two weeks spent there in February, we still emerged thinking “fuck, that was quick” and gave ourselves a solid pat on the back. It should be all done within the next 2 weeks, aye? Nope. 

The problem being that I moved to Los Angeles one week after we left the studio on Mull. Not a problem as such, it’s bloody lovely here, but it took some time to adjust and find things that I wanted/needed to write about. In time it did happen, and you can hear this city all over the album. A few of the songs are about that initial feeling of being an alien, in a literal sense. I am living here legally, but am still technically a real, live alien. It felt strange, stressful and thrilling at the same time. 

The running order for the album is chronological, in that track one (Cold Creeps) is the song we had completed by the end of day one, and track ten (Stupid Boy) was the last piece to be recorded. It seemed fitting that the listener could perhaps hear the album develop and identify musical themes emerging in the same way as we did while we worked in the studio. Or maybe all that means nothing and life is a pointless nightmare. Hard to say really. 

So, on to those date updates. The album is ready for you to pre-order now!

Pre-order Here 

Digital and CD only at first. Apologies to the Vinyl buyers, the vinyl will come just a little later. I know I know, I can hear you groan from where I sit in my house. It will hopefully only be a week or two afterthough. In the meantime, listen to something old and remember when mono was the ‘thing’. For those of you who pre-order there will be a few wee gifts in the run up to the release date. You’ll be the first to hear unreleased album tracks, I believe they call these “instant grats” in The Biz. I call it “rewarding people who still buy music, because they deserve it”. 

Bye for now.

I’ll see you somewhere, somehow.