It is nearly done. The ‘solo’ album that isn’t really a solo album. Songs that were never meant to be written. Two places that were never supposed to meet.

‘Owl John’ is the name of the project and it began in mid-February on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. The three of us (Andy, Simon and myself, with the aid of drummer Peter Kelly) went there with no songs, no demos, no nothing… and just started mucking about. Two weeks later we had an album of music with no words. The week after returning from Mull, I moved to Los Angeles and it was here that I wrote and recorded the words which would make the soundscapes into songs. On this album, Mull and Los Angeles finally meet. I’m not sure they really “get” each other but I think this album is better for this clash of personalities. 

As we put the final touches to the mixes for the album, I’ve been planning a few UK solo shows to present these songs to anyone who cares. And as we edge closer to the album’s release we’ll sneak some of the songs out on the internet. Maybe like some sort of treasure hunt. Maybe you’ll even get a chocolate egg with the song. Maybe not. 

Bye for now.