Good evening!

Just nipping on to the website (perhaps I do this somewhat rarely, but will try to be a mo’ better blogger) to talk a little bit about a wonderful wee project I have been involved in since the start of this year. In February, I was lucky enough to be invited to a remote house in Perthshire by Rod Jones of Idlewild (sounds sinister when I phrase it like that, but there was plenty of fruit wine to lighten the air, and a few cloves of garlic to ward off potential vampires). It was there that we began the process of writing the album that became ‘First Edition’. At the time, it had no name… in fact it had no songs, which is why a handful of us were called upon to collaborate for the best part of a week to write the album together. During that time I managed to have a hand in writing songs with Rod, James Graham of The Twilight Sad, Emma Pollock and James Yorkston. Being such a fan of all those people’s music, I felt more than a touch daunted at the prospect of trying to write a song with any of them. Maybe less so with James G, because he’s never tasted ketchup and that was a real ice breaker between us. But the rest of them had ALL tried ketchup, so in the initial 2-3 minutes there was little we had in common… Thank goodness for guitars. Eventually, each day did bear fruit, and the results are now recorded and ready for release in Compact Disc format. I should also mention that the whole project was conceived as a means of raising money and awareness for the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, which is occurring throughout October this year. There are tons of exciting events going on across Scotland for the whole month, more information on which can be found here:-

These include two really special live shows, one in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow (details below). I’m pretty excited about playing the songs what I partly wrote with all the lovely folks what partly wrote them with… and it’s only six fucking quid. How very bargainly!

Also, these shows will be your first opportunity to buy the record, which sounds incredible – there are also 2 free album tracks now available from So you better get down, if you are Scottish or in Scotland.

See you there!


Join Idlewild’s Rod Jones, Emma Pollock and friends as they celebrate the launch of their fantastic collaborative album which includes;

James Graham (Twilight Sad)
Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)
Jill O’Sullivan (Sparrow and the Workshop)
Karine Polwart
Jenny Reeve
Alasdair Roberts
James Yorkston

Enjoy unique pairings and collaborations, live performance of new tracks and some more familiar songs,with limited edition copies of the CD (artwork by Aidan Moffat) exclusively available.


£6 advance

Fri 1st Oct, HMV Picture House Edinburgh

0844 847 1740,

Sat 2nd Oct, O2 ABC Glasgow

0844 477 2000

Tickets available at and