Music Now

Music now is quite amazing
musicians unite against the enemy
writing is a job
making someone look dumb is not
So if this song falls on deaf ears
I’ll lip-sych it so you can hear
I can hum for days and weeks and years
I won’t shout nor will I scream
will I scream
So love me London love me
or don’t love me I don’t mind
you can take it or leave
and you’ll ignore us
by kissing us on both cheeks
oh know how you work
I’ll blush you red on your back
remember me this one time, cause I’ll never be back
I do not hate this, music
I only hate the fucks that
cling on then give it up

You are all wasting your time here
You’ve got no right to waste mine as well my dear
Make your music, make it so loud, and so trite
Make your music, make music that some cunt might like

Make music now
This is music now