Hello FRabbiteers

Wake up. Turn on the TV. Watch BBC news for a bit. Switch over to E4. Go to Tesco for a sausage roll. Come Dine With Me on 4OD. Go to Tesco for a pasta salad. Bed.

Wake up. Fly to LA. Pick up Ray Bans. Play  Coachella. Hang out with friends in LA. Party. Sleep. Drive to Tempe AZ. Play show. Hang out. Drive to TX.

I really hope there’s not another me in a parallel universe enjoying the experiences I could have this week!! However we understand that although this situation is very disappointing and upsetting there are others in far worse situations blah blah blah…actually I can’t do it. The point of this blog section is to be honest I guess. We’re pissed off at missing out on all the fun we should be having in the States and all the people we should be meeting and being stuck out at Heathrow is shit.

I’d just like to say sorry to anyone who has bought tickets for any of the following shows:



Little Rock


We will try our darndest to make it but it may be unlikely and to those who have already missed out on Phoenix and Coachella we once again apologise. Anyway I have to go because Gilmore Girls just started on E4 and soon it will be time for a sausage roll.