To all you Frightened Rabbit fans in the UK & Ireland you can now pre-order the bands new Backyard Skulls EP, it includes the old Backyard Skulls track as well as some beautiful alternative versions of Holy & The Woodpile.

Best of all theirs a brand new track on the EP called “Norland Wind” it’ll only be available to those of you who pre-order on iTunes though. So if you want it, you best get clicking…

Here’s what Scott had to say about the track as well as the lyrics.

Norland Wind is a cover of Scottish folk song.  The cover has been performed with Lau. If you don’t already know their music you should investigate! The lyrics were originally a poem by Violet Jacob, which was later set to music by the folk artist Jim Reid.  I still remember the day I fell for this song whilst on a train down to London.  I felt it mirrored a lot of the things I was trying to say in Scottish Winds (strangely, written before I heard Norland Wind) and it immediately struck a chord. – Scott